SpaceFalcon Airdrop

⏱ End. 4/6

⏱ Distri -5/6

📃 SpaceFalcon Airdrop

➡️ Fill in the Form

Random 31 winners

*Solana wallet address
*Daily bonus entry

*Phantom and sollet

1st place: 1 winner: 2mil. $FCON (4K$ in value)​
2nd place 5 winners: 800K $FCON (1.6K$ in value)
3rd place: 25 winners: 160K $FCON (320$ in value)

Solana based intergalactic metaverse featuring classic space shooter game and sci-fi NFTs

Results will be announced here





All of Whitelist, Telegrem

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All of Whitelist, Telegrem

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